About Us

HealthtoCare is a health portal providing a range of services to both healthcare consumers and the medical professionals. Basically it is an online medical directory of top doctors all over the world facilitating patients to seek consultation from doctors consulting from anypart of world, from the comfort of their home on click of a button.We have a social mission to provide the consumers with essential health related information in simple language. We want to bridge the gap between the doctor and patients.

What We Do for Physicians / Doctors / Hospitals or Clinics ?
HealthtoCare is based on a physician directory of all specified field. We aim to give every doctor or physician as a unique global identity. In today’s era every person have many issues related to health, it become more important that a person can easily find right doctor for the solution or treatment of his/her health related problems. We provide a fine search engine from which a user can easily find doctors of all specified field of all over the world. We aim to give a Physicians / Doctors / Hospitals or Clinics an online presence so thata required person reach to them for the better solution or treatment. HealthtoCare is also have a part in which we provide tips, articles, information etc.. by the recognized & experienced doctor. We have lots of options to present these information to required user and make them as a global presence.

What We Do for Users ?
HealthtoCare have many services for their users. Based on directory, firstly it have a quality search engine for their users. Through it an user can easily find out required doctor from all over the world on a click of a mouse form their home. With the directory we have some more facility or services for our user which are mention below :
– – Daily Updated Health News or Events ( Domestic or International )
– A to Z all health disease information. – Health article or tips by experts.
– Many Services to reach the doctor. ( facility in portal ).
– Information of senstative area
– mental health, pregnancy, sex problems etc..
Our aim to make our user fully aware about the disease or ready to solve any heath realted issues.

HealthtoCare Mission
” To make a healthy world “