Basketball Ankle Braces; Fend Off Ankle Sprains

Basketball Ankle Braces; Fend Off Ankle Sprains

Basketball is a game full of action. It involves a lot of running and body contacts. And these more often than not result to injuries like ankle sprains. Different basketball moves such as crossover dribbling may also cause injuries like this one. Because of the body movements and actions involve in playing basketball, injuries like ankle sprains cannot be avoided. What players do is to use basketball ankle braces.

Before trying to understand what these ankle braces are, you need to understand ankle sprains first. Ankle sprain is usually caused by falling off and accidentally twisting the ankle too far. Signs of ankle sprains include swelling, bruising, pain or tenderness, stiffness and the inability to walk or even bear the weight.

Depending on how badly the ligaments are forced or stretched, an ankle sprain could be mild or severe. The latter can be very painful. While some may still be able to play with sprained ankle, as with the case of Manu Ginobili in the recent NBA Championship games against the Lakers, some will be advised to rest and will miss several games.

To combat ankle sprains, players use basketball ankle braces or tape your ankles. But, if you are not trained to do it, you should not tape your ankles lest you want to experience discomfort. Usually, an experienced trainer or your coach will be able to administer ankle tapes properly. So, what do you think is better? Tape or ankle braces?

Tape vs. Ankle Braces

For teams with low budgets, tapes are usually the option. It is almost ten times cheaper than a pair of ankle braces. Tapes are widely available especially for the young athletes. The disadvantage, however, is that it can cause blisters and pains when administered improperly.

Ankle braces can be use easily especially if they fit the user. They are mostly beneficial in providing support, stabilizing and limiting the motion of the ankle joint. There are also lots of choices when it comes to ankle braces. However, the most common type of basketball ankle braces are the lace up braces which feature Velcro for better stability.

In the end, choosing tape or ankle braces still depends on the player who will use it. Some may feel comfortable with tapes while some prefer basketball ankle braces.

Getting the Best Deals on Basketball Ankle Braces

If you opted for basketball ankle braces over tapes, the next thing that you should decide on is where to buy them.

• Sports shops – your local athletic shops surely offer wide array of ankle braces for you to choose from. Be sure to look for ankle braces that fit you.

• Online shops – if you don’t have time to take the trip down your local sports shops, you can always buy online. And as there are lots of sports shop websites online, you have lots of choices. You can even compare which online shop offers the best products and the best prices. You just have to make sure that the website is legitimate.

Say, you are serious about playing basketball and even dreamed of joining one of the prestigious teams in the NBA; you have to learn the proper discipline of professional basketball. And one of them is wearing the right gear such as wearing basketball ankle braces. Choosing the right pair is also an important factor.