Foods that Burn Fat

If you are in the group of people like me; always battling against weight gain, you will be happy to learn that there are actually foods that help to burn fat. Combine with exercise and controlling your food portion, consuming these foods can speed up your metabolism.

Cayenne Pepper – The chemical capsaicin creates the thermogenic effect that gives these chili peppers their \”heat\” these help burn fat and calories by causing a metabolic increase that often lasts for hours after eating.
Apples and Berries – These fruits are great source of pectin. Pectin has water binding properties that will limit the amount of fat your cells absorb.

Bananas contain potassium that boosts your metabolism.
Citrus fruits such as grapefruitcontain vitamin C that can dilute fat so it will exit the body instead of sticking around.

Cinnamon and garlic can help you metabolize food by 20 times faster. Consuming the foods help keep your insulin levels low therefore maximize fat burn. Cinnamon is also a highly recommended food in diabetic diet. Ginger expand your blood vessels and increase your body’s heat and metabolism by 20%.

Essential Fatty Acids(EFAs) found in salmon and tuna can lower the level of leptin that has been shown to slow your metabolism and cause obesity.
So the next time when you’re in the mood for a snack take a grab on these
foods that burn fat.